Gone in a Flash™

Arguably the "web-economy" is based on advertisement financing, and without doubt, many of our favorite websites may only exists due to these ads. However, most ads are implemented by using Flash. Also, especially in the case of online newspapers, flash-ads tend to be annoying and take up very much visual space. On several occasions I've found myself with a chunk of my own hair in my clenching fists because Safari after several minutes of the spinning beach-ball of death decided to "quit unexpectedly" (it wasn't really that unexpected) because of, you guessed right,  the *#$”$  Flash plugin. I've got a fever and the only cure is Click2Flash.

Click2Flash is one of the few "real" plugins made for Safari. It isn't one of those applications that has to sneak in under the hood and do stuff that we wasn't suppose to do, and would break with every other update of the browser. But what does it do?

C2F goes through website when they render and puts a nice empty frame where flash-embeds should go. As the name hints at, you can click the frames to get the flash-content. "But what about my Youtube-sessions?! Do I have to click every-time I want to see that dog on the skateboard?" Well, no. C2F also features a “whitelist” where you can add website where you do want the flash-plugin to be active. 

C2F is free as in gratis (but consider a donation): http://rentzsch.github.com/clicktoflash/